GSoC 2020 begins - Introduction to RTT

Hello there!

I’m Anmol, a pre-final year computer science student from India. I’ve always been intrigued by chat clients (read: I interact with people a lot via text) which explains my affinity towards working on Dino under XMPP Standards Foundation as a part of Google Summer of Code.

For my project this summer I will be implementing Real Time Texting in Dino as per XEP-0301 guidelines.

Real time texting (RTT) allows users to see what their peer is typing live before they even send the message. This will allow for textual conversations to be much more fluid and engaging than traditional texting. Audio and video calls also achieve fluid communication but they lack the discretion of texting. RTT aims to bring the best of both worlds; discretion of texting and fluidity of audio/video calls. RTT can also be beneficial for next-gen emergency services or customer support, as the respondent could figure out early what the other person wants to convey thus enabling quick actions.

Although the coding period starts from June 1, I have already started with work 2 weeks prior as this is an unusual year due to pandemic with an uncertain university schedule.

I look forward to an exciting summer working with the XSF community.

Written on May 20, 2020